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Blair of Waldorf - PG

Title:  Blair of Waldorf
Rating:  PG
Pairing/Characters:  Blair Waldorf, Arthur Pendragon, Uther
Disclaimer:  Owner of Merlin and Gossip :(
Summary:  He's another nameless man in a long line of faces that morph into one.

He's another nameless man in a long line of faces that morph into one.
But he isn't.

His hands are worn and rough on pale hips that thrust under his touch (his power over her).
He is her blond prince, ridden in on gleaming horse, chain mail glistening. She is a strong woman in the wrong time and the look of defiance in her eyes draws him closer.

Draws him so much closer into the fires that burn in her.

Her nose twists when she is brought into the throne room, smirks as she shoves away from the knights that hold her tightly. Elegant gown is tattered only at the edges, her smirk as sharp as a thousand swords.

"Speak your name trespasser," Uther demands, voice low and cold. She outright grins, eyes not trained on the King, but the prince standing besides him. Thick brown curls are wild about her shoulders and the look of outright joy in her eyes is strange.

"Blair Waldorf, I'm here to join your court. You'll find me more than fit for royalty," she replies, tone light and cool. She has the look of a predatory when she finally looks at Uther, a look seen in all royalty who happened upon their kingdom. A look that promised they would fight tooth and nail to get the riches so rightly deserved to them.

Arthur knows it's a look his father does not understand (when one must fight for their belief), but it is a look he coverts. But he also knows that the look this woman has is unlike one he has ever seen, a look he sees glimpses of in Morgana.

She holds herself with an air of arrogance Arthur has been told he himself possesses. The brunette woman interests him all the more.

"Well Blair of Waldorf...welcome to Camelot."
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