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Blacks and Whites - Smallville

Title: Blacks and Whites
Fandoms: Smallville
Characters/Pairings: Chloe/Davis
Rating: pg-13
Warnings/Spoilers: haven't even bothered with season 9, possibly AU for season 8(?)
Summary: Life after death is a black void of muted colors.
AN: Still trying to get over both a creativity block and practicing for a portfolio in the future. Also would adore prompts for any fandom.

Life after death is a black void of muted colors.
His is blind and may not see the world again for what is really is.

Blood is a poignant red, staining the whites of his hands so brightly he gags.
The smell is so thick in the air he breathes it in, until he collapses to the ground, sick.

She's brighter than anything he has ever seen.
Vibrant colors that make him wince upon first sight, dazzled by the sight of beauty.

Beast inside him (beast that makes him) howls for her.
Screams until he can feel the very bones under his skin shifting for her.

Something he does not understand after such a life of blacks and whites.
Tags: drabbles
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